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The name of the branch shall be:



The objectives of the branch are:-

  1. To facilitate and promote the exchange of knowledge in all fields of the Poultry Industry in accordance with Article II of WPSA.
  2. To stimulate and promote the holding meetings of members of the branch for discussion of scientific and practical problems of interest to the Poultry Industry.
  3. To assist and promote national and international exchange of information and findings of experiments pertaining to poultry production, husbandry, genetics, nutrition, etc.
  4. To expand membership of WPSA.
  5. To assist and organize Malaysia participation at the World’s Poultry Congresses.


All members of the WPSA residing in Malaysia will be members of the Malaysia  Branch, if they do not express their wish otherwise according to Article VII (7) of the constitution of WPSA.


  1. The affairs of the Branch shall be controlled by a Branch Management Committee.
  2. The Branch Management shall consist of President, President Elect, Vice President, the immediate Past President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and 5 members. Two (2) auditors shall be appointed by the committee. The Branch Treasurer shall maintain all financial records and the cheque signatory shall be authorized either any two (2) out of three (3) of President, Secretary or Treasurer.
  3. The President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will form the Executive Committee of the Branch Management Committee.
  4. The term of office of all elected members of the Branch Management Committee shall be four (4) years and expire at the end of the year in which a WPSA Congress is held. Returning officers will be eligible for re-election.
  5. The election of officers and members of the Branch Management Committee shall be carried out at a general meeting which is held in that year in which the WPSA Congress is held.
  6. The Branch Management Committee shall be empowered to fill any vacancy which may occur during the period between elections.


The Annual Subscription shall be the one fixed by the WPSA or such sum in excess there of as from time to time may be approved by members at Branch General Meetings, and shall become due and payable to Malaysia Branch on 1st.January, each year. The Branch shall forward the subscription collected to the WPSA less any excess levied above the fee fixed by the WPSA and less retention amount authorized by the WPSA subject to Article VII of the WPSA Constitution. In case of failure to pay the subscription before January,1st the member’s name shall be removed from the mailing list of the Journal until renewal of his subscription. In case of failure to pay the subscription before the end of the year, membership in the Association will be forfeited.


  1. The committee shall
  • Manage the affairs of WPSA in Malaysia and give effect to all resolutions adopted by General Meetings.
  • Apply and implement the terms of the Rules of the Branch and add on behalf of WPSA in Malaysia.
  • To put into operation-the objectives outline in Article II.

b. The Committee shall have powers to:-

  • Frame Rules for the efficient working of the Branch.
  • Decide and act on matters arising between General Meetings.
  • Appoint Sub-Committee to deal with matters delegated to them.
  • Take whatever action it may consider necessary to safeguard the interests of the Branch and /or its members.
  • Exercise jurisdiction over all members insofar as their membership of the Branch is concerned.
  • Review and approve or reject all manuscripts intended by members for submission to the Congress of the WPSA.


  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as conveniently possible after the end of the financial year, for the consideration of the Reports and Balance sheet, appointment of the officers to the Committee, appointment of an Auditor or Auditors and general business. The time and place of such a meeting will be determined by the Branch Management Committee.
  2. Thirty (30) days notice will be given before the General Meetings. Notice of Resolutions for the Consideration of the General Meeting shall be received at the respective Secretary’s office not later than fourteen (14) days before the date of such meeting.
  3. Management Committee Meeting shall be called at the discretion of the respective President or upon the request of a majority of members of the respective Management Committee.
  4. A special General Meeting at the Branch shall be called upon request by 15 or more members, for a specific purpose of importance within the objectives of WPSA. Such special General Meetings will be confined to deliberations on the specific matter for which the meeting is called. The same for notices will apply as for all General Meetings (Para 7(b)).
  5. Three (3) members will constitute a quorum for the Management Committee Meetings except at emergency meetings authorized by the President.

A one-half membership presence will constitute for the quorum for General Meetings of the Branch.


Wherever these Rules of the Branch do not state specifically, the Constitution and Rules of the WPSA will apply. In any case the constitution of WPSA shall apply at all times.



The Branch can only be dissolved by a majority resolution of at least ¾ of the members.  Any surplus funds will be transferred to the WPSA.

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