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Type of Membership

Type of membership
There are 4 types of membership, individual, affiliate, student and life member. 

Individual membership
Any person who is, or has been, engaged in any activity connected with the poultry industry and is interested in its objectives may become a member of the Association. 

Affiliate membership
Associations, societies, institutions, clubs etc., or commercial organizations connected with poultry industry activities are entitled to become Affiliate members. Affiliates may designate one person as a representative who shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of an individual member except becoming a member of Council or has no voting rights.

Student membership
Student membership may be held by bona fide poultry students, while they are studying at universities, colleges and agricultural institutes.

Life membership
Individuals may become Life Members for a once payment only

To become a member one has to fill in the membership form as enclosed.

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